Arab Printing Press

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Arab Printing Press

working with Arab Printing Press

Arab Printing Press (APP) is a well known very large printing house offering a variety of printing services. AnotherID was hired to develop their social media strategy to increase their sales. The results are satisfying as not only their number of likes and activities increase, but they also always get multiple requests for quotations throughout the months. We have a lot of fun playing with the social media strategy; a mix of carousels, animated GIF, or simply playing with the grid. We take care of the details (ex: highlight icons) and make sure the text follow the artwork. 

AnotherID also create from time to time branding items (ex: email signature, Christmas card, etc.).

working with another id

We would just like to compliment AnotherID. It is the most professional and gone to great lengths to assist us and deliver wonderful concepts and designs, oftenly within a tight deadline. We salute the patience and the continuous assistance. AnotherID re-affirms why we always choose to renew our yearly commitment without any hesitation. Thank you! - Mrs. Cynthia Raphaël, member of the Board